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Originally Posted by I am Earl View Post
I will say this. The only thing that is different between a modded Asian car (be it high end like GTR or low end like Evo) and the turbo BMWs (the N54 and the S55) is the fact that latter has a BMW badge. Nothing more.

Ask the same question yourself for the S65 and there is a massive difference and that's the overall feel of driving the car. The joy. The engine and the exhaust note. Don't dismiss these things as if they are nothing. The current S65 engine is an affordable version of a super car engine (Ferrari) that people like myself can enjoy.

Who cares how much torque and horse power a turbo flat six will produce? People have been shopping for M3s for a quarter of century because of their high revving and naturally aspirated engines. If we wanted horsepower and handling and pure 0-60 numbers, we'd go for Japanese, GTR is a good example for one. That car costs same as the M4 if not less and will destroy the M4 both 0-60 and around the track. What does that tell you?

Different cars for different people. It's like apples and oranges. We are not saying one engine is worse than the other. We are saying each engine is appreciated by different type of crowd.
thats why i hate the new direction. its like the M cars had "pure" engines. now i see all these people coming here talking about tunes and downpipes ETC. things you hear over on the Japanese forums. which ya it not a bad thing, i am sure i would love to drive a tuned GTR. but i always pictured BMW not has a tuner brand. now that every BMW is small turbo engine car, it losses it appeal for me.

guess the times are a changin hahah