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Originally Posted by MisterEm View Post
It is clear you are not a fan of the motor, and especially the sound.

It is also clear you think the S65 is the greatest M motor of all time and shall never be eclipsed.

It is also clear that the S55 powered M3 will not be in your garage in the near future.

What is not clear is why you insert this repetitive opinion and interesting comparisons (e.g. Ferrari exhaust note and your S65 M3) into every F80 M3 thread?

At least Swamp and Boss330 add some data and relevant experience to the discussion.

It is awful tiresome when one sneaks on the forum to read about the new M3 only to find Ezio filling up every new F80/82 thread with more S65 exhaust note comparisons...

Can you come up with some new material please?

listen i post a few comments. and people keep quoting me, so i respond.

my whole thing is that i want to make sure everyone knows why BMW went with a S55 engine. i want to make it clear. because you have to many people coming thinking BMW went with a S55 because its "better" . when i know BMW would rather be making what they have made for years in M cars. if we can come to a agreement on that i would stop posting. the engine is to cost cut and get better MPG. ok? are we good?

with that said. there is a possibility i would get a M4. It depends on what the competition is going to make . if they are all going to put out small displacement 6 banger turbos. then i will have to get over this shit.

i love M cars. i really hope everything i say is wrong. i hope this car is going to sound really good and give a special feel to it. i like the price point of M cars also.