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Originally Posted by Faust View Post
The world does not need an M3 GT. M2 and M4 Gran Coupe are mandatory instead.

BMW starts making no sense lately. Naming the 1 GT a 2-Series, no news on M2 or M4 Gran Coupe and now an M3 GT rumour. It is getting hilarious.

Agree about the M7 though. Been long overdue already. V12, 600+hp.

I'm not going to say the world " doesnt need".. an M3 GT.. but I will say it needs an M4 grand coupe and certainly an M2 gran coupe before an M3 GT..

I see nothing wrong with an M7.. .... although I feel like the M6 GC already IS an M7.... but agree with Biermann there is no reason to leave money on the table just because a bunch of whiny enthusiats think they know what's right for the M division more than BMW AG does.