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Originally Posted by aajami View Post
Oh, believe me. I get BMW's one and only motivation completely.

Units sold and profitability above all else.

you say that like it's a bad thing?
I personally don't care about what they build. I care more about what they DON'T BUILD (or.. said differently... I care that they build what I want!).

If multiple model variants allow them the PROFITABILITY to then build the niche car (1M in the past... and hopefully an M2/M2 Gran Coupe in the future) that I want, then why would I bad mouth the company?

It's all a means to an end. and I am very happy to see the enthusiast end picking up with cars like the 1M... ///M135.. M235....

if you want to bash a company for their decisions on profitability..... how about Toyota? no Supra.. no Celica..... no MR2.. or even a MRs2... just the LFA and a weak M3 chaser... well.. i guess they did finally join in on the BRZ..

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