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Originally Posted by positiveions View Post
That's because GTs are marketed towards middle age to older crowd. M3 wagons would be acquired by younger crowd.

Note to take, Audi B5, B6, and B7 S4 avant were driven by younger crowd, and appealed to them more so than older crowd.
You've got it completely backwards. No offense but with the wagon bias on this forum I cannot blame you.

The GT vehicles actually sell to younger crowds than wagons. The GT cars cover a broader audience because they dont carry the negative "wagon" stigma. This broader appeal has been PROVEN as they sell better than their wagon counterparts because they fall into that larger market segment.

The whole "wagon" concept does not sit well with younger buyers which is why BMW even came up with the whole GT thing... It has a broader appeal. The "wagon" thing is something of my parents generation. I'm 22. They saw appeal in station wagons and woody vans. Younger buyers dont want that (with exception of a small niche group of people on this forum). Just look at even how the GT is marketed and the advertising materials they use for it.

If I had to take a guess BMW probably sees the two vehicles like this:
GT vehicles -> Adults age 30-60 who probably have kids. Want to be cool and responsible at the same time.
Touring vehicles -> Adults age 50-75 who simply find value in the added utility and are less concerned with looks or what other people think

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