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I don't get these "individual" colors that come from a set of selections on the configurator online.

To me individual is when you are having the car painted one of a kind, not when BMW just takes a set palette of colors and says "yeah we're calling these individual and charging $2k for them even though Tom Dick and Harry might pick the same off the BMW website". A true individual color, sure they will need to track it down and stop production etc., and for that a fee is reasonable. These "individual" colors that you pick right off the website right below the regular colors are just the same as the regular colors, I'm sure they are preloaded at the factory ready to shoot just like Alpine White is.

Seems like an asinine way to price a color, there's nothing individual about them other than BMW breaks them out from the regular colors on the website, adds an "individual" header, and charges like two grand for them.