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Originally Posted by KennyPowers
Originally Posted by tlp View Post
I've owed every M3 since the e36 and based on history it is probable that I could own a F8X M3 as well but at this stage of the game this is starting to sound like contrived propaganda and unfortunately any anticipation is now starting wane. Amazed how many folks are already emotionally attached to this car based solely on pictures and some numbers. The endless and often baseless pontification is becoming nauseating. Looking forward to real world data and getting passed this window of speculation.
true the speculation is getting old, and it would be nice to get more real data

that said, its equally amazing to me how someone could get less interested in a car based on the amount of marketing (which is no different than any other carmaker at this time, marketing is extremely popular these days)

I am interested in the car because I think it will be awesome. not because it is or isn't marketed a lot. those things have zero to do with how the car will perform and what it looks like (seen it in person)

Well said!