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Originally Posted by RealStig View Post
So i guess we can forget about using E9X M3 wheels without spacers.

A positive offset is measured from the centerline of the wheel toward the outside of the wheel. So, the larger the number, the further *inward* the wheel sits.

Let's compare to the style 359M from the E9x competition package, since they are the same size wheel as the 437M on the F8x.

Front: 9x19 ET31
Rear: 10x19 ET25

So then, the front 359M sits just 2mm further inward than the 437M, and the rear wheel sits *15mm further outward* than the 437M. Spacers are definitely not going to help here. What we need is extra clearance from the fender lip. We'll see if that works out once someone bolts them up. I'd say there is a chance it will work, but it may need to be rolled. Of course, the other issue is that it will not have the same flushness as the front, which rolling the rear could alleviate. Or you could put a 15mm spacer in front, which is probably not a good idea.