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Originally Posted by tom @ eas View Post
The cafd is corrupt, follow Shawn's instructions for injecting new cafd.
I'm not a fan of running the engine while coding, as the alternator can introduce spikes in voltage. If you are only coding a single module, no PSU is needed, otherwise use a steady power supple or 20A charger to stabilize power.
Thanks, Tom!

This was spot on!
It seems I did the same stupid mistake the quoted poster did here:
Originally Posted by shawnsheridan View Post
And you should be. You have corrupted your FEM_BODY CAFD. It looks like you hit the dreaded Code Default Values, which you should never, ever, do, else you lost power during coding.

Now you must try and inject CAFD into ECU and VO Code it.

Connect => Read FA (VO) => Activate FA (VO) => Read SVT (VCM) => Left-Click on desired FEM_BODY => Click on "Detect CAF for SWE" => Select the CAFD from latest I-Level shown => Select OK => Right-Click on FEM_BODY (the ECU itself not the underlying CAFD) => Select CODE.
I must have right-clicked the CAFD and selected Code from the menu, instead of using the Code FDL button to the right... Very easy to overlook if you only do the occasional coding and think you still remember everything you read from 5 months ago from all over the place...

The FEM_BODY CAFD seems restored now and I was able to recode all I wanted in it.

Btw, I also did all the coding (the FEM_BODY CAFD replacement and several other FDLs after that) without the engine running. I had to only make sure to turn the ignition back on during the coding step if it had switched off before that to save the car battery... Probably stupid but I had already corrupted the CAFD so what did I have to lose... (Also I wanted to rule this out as the source of the corruption)