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Originally Posted by Sinof View Post
Anybody knows if the M2 competition calipers, the CCB calipers and the blue M5 6-pot calipers are all the same? Visually they look the same

I want to fit the M2 competition disks on CCB calipers, but there is a 2mm difference in width (steel rotors 2mm less width).
Front F8x M3/M4 CCB and F87 ZCP calipers are technically the same -color is the difference. F10 M5 calipers have ~6mm of material shaved off the mounting points of the brackets. In other words, to fit front M5 calipers in a F8x M3/M4 requires a bracket ~6mm taller than the OEM brackets used in the F8x CCB and F87 ZCP calipers.

The 2mm difference in rotor width is OEM negligible.