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Originally Posted by ridin135 View Post
I agree with a lot of what you said but I wouldn't worry at all about the transmission feel if you are comparing the manuals. The 6 speed for the coyote motor was way better in feel then the m3 transmission. The shifts are very crisp & defined and it actually had a clutch pedal that didn't feel like you were stepping on a mushroom. The manual did have a couple problems upon release but they were not as widespread as some may think.
Haha, not the 2011+ 6spds I've driven. In fact you can even youtube the problems people are/have been having with the getrag transmission in the Mustang. Namely, shifting problems. Even NHTSA opened up an investigation on the MT82. I think they've gotten the bugs worked out but to say that it was better is far from what I've experienced in my friends 2013 Boss 302.
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