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Originally Posted by Justin* View Post
Haha, not the 2011+ 6spds I've driven. In fact you can even youtube the problems people are/have been having with the getrag transmission in the Mustang. Namely, shifting problems. Even NHTSA opened up an investigation on the MT82. I think they've gotten the bugs worked out but to say that it was better is far from what I've experienced in my friends 2013 Boss 302.
One of my sons has a 2012 Boss 302 LS that he bought as a track car, and so far he's had the gearbox rebuilt twice by Ford. The good news is that Ford has picked up the tab, no questions asked, but apparently there's no fix/mod to the basic design yet. That means they'll need to pick up the tab at least a couple more times before the warranty runs out.

He's looking at a 1LE Camaro as a possible replacement over time, while the M3 remains as a DD - partly because replacement would be a problem if he wadded it up on track, but also because it is clearly slower, both in a straight line and on a road course. There's also the brake problem, of course, but that's easily remedied through track-only pads and rotors.

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