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Originally Posted by Remonster View Post
handling characteristics; very lazy steering with almost no feel, very soft springs and dampers, tons of rubber in the suspension, etc. They're just sloppy cars, you can throw them into a corner and they will generate enough grip to go through very quickly but you don't feel the road at all and can't really tell how close you are to the limit. That live rear axle (which is gone now) isn't as bad as some say but it still has some very annoying characteristics, chief among them is the huge weight of the rear diff and axle hanging off of the suspension which means that even though the suspension is very soft, it still crashes and makes the body wobble when you hit a bump and hitting a bump mid-corner makes the whole car bounce
Having driven the current Base V6 & V8, I have to agree with this statement. The current one feels like crap.. It just.. so.. lifeless, there's no driving feel at all. Hopefully they fix the handling issues with the new one.
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