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I leased a Maserati Ghibli SQ4 a year ago, fully loaded with an MSRP of over 94K. Having owned/leased many BMWs in the past, I though I would try something new. The Ghibli looks pretty nice from the outside. But that is all. The car is a piece of junk. The "upgraded sound system" was terrible. Just terrible. The front suspension would hit the ground when I went over speed bumps slowly. The interior was cheap. The exhaust sounded like a Honda with a broken muffler. The engine was sluggish. The transmission was clumsy. I got rid of the car within 3 months and got an M5. The M5 is a million times better. Fast. Great engine. Fantastic double-clutch transmission. The best heads-up display in the industry. The German cars are so much more refined and on the cutting edge of technology. I will never lease/buy another Maserati. The Ghibli does not even come close to touching the M3/M4. Don't let the Ghibli special deals fool you. Run for the hills!

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