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Originally Posted by Bonovox View Post
I owned a Ghibli Q4s for 4 months. Csme from an M5. Went to an M4.

Sounds great. Exclusivity. Car was beautiful; interior felt great despite Chrysler parts. Very functional with awd and folding rear seats. I got all kinds of thumbs up...from old ladies, valets, everyone....the only finger I get in the BMW is the middle got out of my way on highway thinking it was a super car bearing down on them.

They couldn't have been more wrong. That car was a sheep in wolfs clothing. Sounded the part, looked the part, but boy, you really didn't feel comfortable going 120 mph in that car. I mean seriously, i had to let a girl in a corolla S go by me at 110 mph Ina curvy section of highway because I just didn't feel confident.

So yeah, the valet will always keep the car out front, but it's not a performance sports sedan.

Part of me still misses that car today...,maybe the new Alfa?
Yes, the new Alfa!! I am losing sleep just thinking of the Giulia. It's beautiful from every angle, and 510hp are hard to ignore.
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