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After having the Ghibli SQ4 for almost a month and over 700 miles, I have to say I am very happy with the car, especially considering the price; I'm leasing this car w/ a $93k MSRP for quite a bit less than it would have been for a '16 M3 with minimal options.
I TOTALLY disagree with anyone saying the interior quality is poor!! This interior FAR exceeds my former F30 328 and an F80 M3, even with the full leather option. Everything is either leather, carbon fiber, or aluminum. The shift paddles are solid metal and have a great feel to them; I have no idea what other's are smoking when they say they feel cheap. I have had 2 Porsches with PDK and shift paddles, and these on the Ghibli feel 10x better than those even. And honestly who cares that the MTC (multimedia system) is shared with Chrysler?! It works very well and has it's own Maserati theme so I could care less. I much prefer it to the BMW iDrive.
Power and handling are the only two things it lacks behind the F80, however, mine has the Skyhook adaptive suspension and when in Sport mode, it handles well enough. Power is probably just a bit better than a new 340i, however, a quick tune has proven to put the SQ4 right above 12.0 in the 1/4 on 93 octane, so I'm not concerned there either. Fully daily driver reliability is kept as well.
So, you could say I'm pleasantly surprised and happy with the Ghibli SQ4! I'll always still have a thing for Bimmers, but atleast for the next couple years, I'll be glad to drive this Mas!
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