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Originally Posted by firedown31 View Post
There's no way the M4/4 series LCI is getting laser lights. They just announced laser for the i8 in the US not too long ago, it then has to trickle down to the 7, 6/5, and then the 4/3.
7 Series already has it, currently not an option in North America. However, its already on sale in other markets with Laser. I would expect it to be quickly added to the US options list.

Also the 6/5 are soon to be replaced with a new model, which I would think will be announced before the production change in July for the 2017s. However, I doubt we will get the new 5/6s till 2017 here in the US as an 18.

No reason the LCI 4 couldn't be upgraded, I wouldn't be shocked if OLED tails and Lasers for the front. With the M3 only getting Lasers, same front ends and spread the development costs across volume.
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