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Originally Posted by nv_f82 View Post
I think that's a fair assessment. Factory was 800 miles I believe. Curious --- how did your factory unit kill itself? I'm reaching the 93K mark, things are starting to act up. Curious if this will be another issue for me.

I wish I knew, it just... happened one day honestly.
Sounded like a TOB issue initially, but then one day it became really tough to shift and didn't want to go into first/reverse without really forcing it. No one at the shop had seen a clutch come apart like this so I wouldn't really expect it tbh. I had tons of life left on the clutch and flywheel looked good too.

Originally Posted by MJ6 View Post
I think that some of it has to do with what the clutch material is. When I had the CM FX1000 Twin-Disk installed they had ceramic disks, and the manufacturer mentioned that they didn't require much of a break-in period at all due to the material.

The FX250 that replaced it however was a semi-organic compound which required a certain number of heat cycles to really break-in properly, hence the 500mile recommendation.

Regardless, I'm in the boat of rather safe than sorry.
Yeah good point, i'll be at the 500 mark later this week anyway so i'll just wait a few more days. Isn't going to hurt me to wait another 2-3 days.
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