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Originally Posted by Viking123 View Post
Haha, true

I never actually considered DCT for this car. It's slower and less efficient but should be a lot more fun...

But stressdoc is right, resale value in the US may be a problem. I'm leasing mine so it's something that never occurred to me.
Yeah, this car is just about the first time in my life every penny is not counted. I don't care if I never can sale it, I'll just turn it into a garden gnome back home, with those gas prices that baby will never move again.
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You're still a little new here, so I'll let you in on a little secret. Whenever Lups types gibberish, this is an opportunity for you to imagine it to be whatever you'd like it to be.
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How would you know this? Did mommy catch you jerking off to some Big Foot porn ?
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