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Originally Posted by mapezzul View Post
M needs to hit a 20% efficiency gain or the BMW AG board will not approve anything- EFFICIENT DYNAMICS and going green are the way to the pockets of people with money. The new EPA stuff kicks in soon and every brand is working on turbos- even Ferrari, nothing will be immune.

They have tried with NA motors to get the efficiency but it is not possible at the price point of M cars- plain and simple. They didn't want to go turbo for the torque or any other reason it is getting cleaner and more efficient as per world wide regulations- there game has changed. And I hate to bring this all back to Brabham but M built that turbo..
I understand that the industry in now slaved to MPG and emissions, but GM gets 26mpg out of the huge Vette V8. The next C7 5.5L DI is said to improve even further on that, pushing highway MPG into the 30's. So no, turbo is not the only solution.