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Drexler Differential Upgrade issues F82 M4 CS

Guten Tag! First post!

Just to make people aware before hand, I am not new to coding but this one has me hitting a bit of a brick wall. ��

So, I’m Currently working on a friends 2018 F82 M4 CS and the differential has been upgraded to a Drexler LSD.

Here’s where the fun begins... It no longer utilises or uses the servotronic motor which was apart of the original differential, which means there is no where for it to go, but that doesn’t mean to say it doesn’t need connecting... or does it?

Anyway... if I disconnect the GHAS I only get a DSC/ABS Error for communication with GHAS as a fault code.

GHAS connected and the car has fault codes for servotronic errors and communication as well as the DSC.

However, the car in drive mode and reverse will barely move a couple of inches under its own power, even with the servotronic plugged in. (DCT)

An honestly is sounds like the differential build has been messed up because the right rear wheel spins off the floor on a lift but the left one doesn’t at all, along with a grinding noise from the right as if the diff isn’t built properly.

Does anyone know if this is normal or am I doing something fundamentally wrong here?

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