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Originally Posted by Singletrack View Post
I mean if you understand the power delivery of the motor. Same thing with the S65 - try accelerating from 1500RPM in 6th on the highway - no pull at all. But, why would anyone do that? Doesn't stop journalists from doing it or people from complaining about it.

Well not many cars rev to 9k period. But the only limiting factor is cost, which is obviously a huge concern for a mass production vehicle.

I mean that you can't appreciate the difference, eg it is almost irrelevant. Variable geometry turbos, twin turbos, and now tri-turbos are blurring the line of when boost "comes on". Drive an older turbo from the 90s, or even some from the 2000s and some of them had violent delivery of power when the turbo was in the sweet spot. And, if you go with a single turbo, you are making some kind of compromise in terms of power somewhere in the power band.

That doesn't make sense to me. Any of the current high revving V8s have very little power below 2.5k or so. There is no engine that does it least not in a 70k-120k car.
Turbo cars do have low down torque, and can be driven below 2000 revs all day if you want. But that sounds like the turbo diesel driver's favourite thing to do, getting great fuel economy, and doing your best not to hear the engine at all; keeping noise and revs to a minimum.

I don't like turbos, they are a compromise, and will always be a compromise to get good fuel economy/keep engine displacement down. They will rev lower, and make a less pleasing sound when driven hard. Lots of people don't mind that they are compromising, and I'm open to compromise myself (I bought a turbo engined Golf GTI myself) but I miss the NA feeling too.