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Originally Posted by Levi View Post
Most are forgetting something. All V6 engines on the market now (Nissan GT-R, Nissan 370 Z, Mercedes C350, Mustang V6) are at 60°. The M3 F80 engine, if it is a V6, it is at 90°. You think BMW will make it like the old GMs? No, they will surely install a counter-rotating balacing shaft, that will makethis V6 almost as smooth as an I6. That is why the sound is not that different between such a V6 @ 90° and an I6, so we can't tell it from the vid.
NO ... I donīt think so, because of the added weight !

I think that they would use an special firing order for the cylinders like they had done it with the S85 V10 ... same result like an counter-rotating balancing shaft, but no weight increase and the reason for the different sound !

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