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Originally Posted by VodkaOne View Post
Hi Jason,

Thank you for making this clear. I still wonder how a 4 series Gran Coupe would not compete with a 3 series sedan and vice versa. I mean, I don't see what would justify the extra cost of a 4 series GC for buying one over a cheaper 3 series sedan or upper class 5 series.

The 6 series GC has no real competitor in the BMW range but I don't see the same place for the 4 series GC and how much BMW would charge for it so that it deserves its purchase.
The same logic applies to the 6 Series Gran Coupe and the 5 Series. It's the same relationship, only moved up the model 'ladder' -- the 4 series line will correspond to the 6 series line as the 3 series line does to the 5 series line.

So, you can also ask the same question of how a 6 Series Gran Coupe would not compete with a 5 series sedan and vice versa. If BMW decides to build it, we can assume their bean counters see a viable profit in it.
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