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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Unfortunately the position of BMW M within BMW is more visible through:

-M Sport models
-pseudo M models like the 1M (number in front of letter)
-M SUVs like X5M, X6M
-The coming new real M models such as the M2 and M4

However, I too remain thrilled that the M4 probably has a unique M engine. The flip side of that is that per BMWs cost and materials offensives (their exact word, not mine), the block/heads will undoubtedly be used on other models in the future. Thus it has little to no chance to be a truly M3/M4 specific M engine.
1M is not a "pseudo" M model because of the number in front of the letter?

It would be sacriledge to call it the M1... The M1 is an icon and a production model based M car should not be named after the most iconic M car through history...