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Originally Posted by vladberca View Post
For sure the Mustang is dedicated to americans, but it will not sell good at all in Europe due to the engine displacement. And the real Mustang is the GT one.
BMW has now a 3l engine so the customers will pay lower taxes and it will have a much better fuel consumption. According to these characteristics BMW will sell more models in Europe.
Before these cars are launched there are intensive studies in order to satisfy as many people as possible.
As the cars built in US are more track focused, the M models are great all rounders.
The European track dedicated cars are way in front of the models built in US, but with higher prices.
So to say that one is better than the other is a big mistake due to the preliminary purposes
So you think people shop the M3 based on engine displacement? If they're that worried about it, the turbo 4 will probably be a great drive. Of course BMW will sell more models in Europe, just as Ford will sell more models in the USA

I disagree about the 'track dedicated cars' in Europe being THAT much better. Sure there's a margin and they are ahead, but not by much and considering you've probably never driven a 5.0 on a track; I'd think you should just wait and see.

I cannot wait to see the backtracking and stuttering by M fanboys when the GT350 comes out. They're going to go on and on about build quality, refinement, and heritage.
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