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@Doctor///M, thanks for the additional pic!

seis-speed it appears some roads *do* require winter tires. I may or may not have been in a dark area of the law in this regard, but this is mostly due to my ignorance. As you intimated, yeah, I aimed to try to stay out of areas I thought might be troublesome, such as the mountains (hence, having the winter tires through Switzerland and the Alps).

As far as the process, it's pretty easy. Go to (it's the only place that does this service). Schedule the tires for a block of time, and you will pay for them in advance. Aim to schedule your tire pick-up time for *at least* a couple hours after your car pick-up time, to give you enough time at the Welt to get through the pick up process. Then you'll go to a local tire fitter (Büchler Reifen in my case). Doctor///M apparently had some trouble getting his car in and out, but they took me in straight away and got me out in less than 10 minutes. It was pretty incredible, and I was off to Italy.
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