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Okay so after doing both the pads and fluid here are some things I want to add for other folks wanting to do this.

-Front punch size around 2.3 mm is perfect
-Rear around 3mm is perfect, though I'm sure the 2.3 would work
-You will likely end up chipping the back of the caliper (especially in the rear). no way around that since you have little room to work with to maneuver the hammer. Best thing you can do is get like a 3/8in drive extention or really anything that is small and hard to act as a buffer between the rear pin and the hammer. I liked using a 6in extension because I had a good grip on it with my left hand.
-This is a very messy job, old brake dust gets all over the floor so put something under for easy cleanup.
-Tube size for the bleeder is 1/4in

Most importantly, DO NOT do the fluid before the pads! I swaped fluid a couple weeks prior to my pads arriving and my reservoir was close to bursting since the new pads were compressing the pistons so much more. Mind you, I was between the middle of the max and min line prior so this should give a sense of how much the fluid level will go up.
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