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Originally Posted by rocnica
Anybody know the differences between sakhir orange and sakhir orange II that is part of the 2017 palette?
From one of the other threads...

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Originally Posted by M Heart
Very interested on SO vs. SO II
Me too. Does anyone know anything about the differences?
Has to do with supply issues of the original paint. They can't get the original so they have a new supplier and the color will be very close to the original, but not exactly the same.
There shouldn't be any physical difference. The hiccup was a delay in the Iriodin gold pigment supply catching up and the normal supplier of the final mixed materials could not produce the necessary amounts in a rush so another supplier is being used. Since the base and tint coats are easily matched by any given supplier, clear coat is solely from BASF, and no change to any of the luster pigments has occurred, there will be no visible difference.

To add some assurance...

Per BMW:

Option code: B50

Equipment Description: Sakhir Orange Metallic Paint

Change: Deleted

Models affected: All M3, M4

Details of change: Sakhir Orange changes option code to C1H, and the name changes to Sakhir Orange II.

C1H Sakhir Orange II metallic paint Added All M3,M4 models Replaces B50 Sakhir Orange. The colour is identical to B50.