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Originally Posted by 1MtoM3 View Post
The angle at witch the hood/bonnet slopes only at the very end of the hood instead of at a steady angle ,and the long front overhang , are some of the visual negatives that bug me . Might be some help to some who feel something is off compared to older m3s.
What makes E46 m3s and E92 m3s pretty from the side is just how quickly the hood line plunges IMMEDIATELY after the front wheels. That combined with a hood line that has a steady sloped angle from windsheild to front .
My two cents . Still might buy one though !!
If someone on here could get us the distance between centre wheel and front bumper on both cars , as well as the height of the hood from the ground at the very front edge of the front tire where it meets the wheel arch.That would be awesome ......
You can blame changing pedestrian laws/regulations in Europe for that change...
I agree that it doesn't look good. However, considering the aggressive stance of the 4 series, I'm excited to see the upcoming M4.