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Anyway back to the M4. A modest perhaps 30 pound savings is certainly possible. However, BMW may provide and optional seat, likely IMHO, such seats could be more extreme in design, not have motors and save way more than 30 pounds. But again they will be expensive and optional.

I'm not being a pessimist here, just an informed realist.
From Motor Trend interview with the head of M Gmbh:

Motor Trend: Tell me about light weight. Is the new M4 lighter than a 435i?

Friedrich Nitschke: Absolutely. We will use lightweight parts in the places where it matters, at the ends of the car and high up, and in high-rpm parts of the powertrain. A carbon fiber roof, of course, and aluminum and magnesium and carbon fiber in the crash zones. An aluminum hood, and a new carbon fiber trunk lid.