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Originally Posted by Razzy
So BMW sells you an "M-Performance Exhaust" as a seperate "accessory" on an "M" car? This is getting a bit too much.

MB offers their C63 AMG P31 with a bunch of added cosmetic and performance components AND A sports peformance exhaust. If my information is correct, it is actually made by Eisanmann. An OEM Performance Exhaust system should come with a true performance car. Come on BMW. If the F8X was loud enough and sounded fantastic fromthe get go than I wouldn't be complaining, but the fact that it sounds the way it does and on top of that they charge you a boatload to make it sound better than what it was is a bit much. Am I the only one who feels this way?
Agree 100%, absolutely nuts that the first "must-do" mod for this 70-80k "enthusiast sports" car is an exhaust system. Then you get raped for 5k for it from the factory. Damn with carbon brakes loaded up plus this exhaust you're talking almost a 100k 3/4 series. Wtf