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Originally Posted by MischiMischi
if someone do not want to buy the exhaust for this price, this is fine. But I can not understand why so many post in this thread are about the price. I really looking forward for the first owner and the feedback about this exhaust.

For the information: In Germany we have to pay 4.300 Euro for the exhaust plus 856 Euro for the Titanium tips --> with the actual exchange rate 6.800 USD (but unfortunately everything is more expensive here)
I would leave Germany then! There is no way in hell anybody should be paying anything close to that for exhaust. I've seen complete blower kits for e92 M's going for that much here on the forums!!! Just for comparison Lambo murcialago fabspeed complete exhaust/cat/ECU tune is like 9k!!! How is this oem mass produced unit close to that? Akropovic? Come on guys nobody cares about weight savings or exotic material on an exhaust you can't see. They all make the same bs negligible power gains. Wake up guys.