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Thumbs up BMW M4 Coupe (F82) Drops Some Camo and Looking Great!

BMW M4 Coupe (F82) Drops Some Camo and Looking Great!
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It's been a while since the last spotting of the F82 M4 Coupe, but it's been worth the wait this sighting as the prototype has now lost some camouflage, revealing much more!

So, what revealing things do we see in this new sighting?

• Double slatted kidney grilles.
• LED headlights
• LED tail lights
• Sculpted double-bubble carbon fiber roof (a la M6 Coupe)
• Production side mirrors (but still under camouflage)
• Integrated trunk spoiler
• Deliciously wide rear stance

The M4 Coupe is shaping up to be one beautiful car!

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What about the F82 M4 mechanicals? If you recall, we recently reported on information gleamed from the M4 prototype's registered VIN information (posted below).

The highlight is the 310kW (415 hp) S55 3.0L inline 6 engine listed [photos]. Consistent with the information we've been posting, this would have the next M3 and M4 featuring similar horsepower figures to the current M3 (414 hp) from the 3.0L inline 6 multi-turbo S55 engine. But, we've also been previously told by a trusty source familiar with F80/F82 development that the cars will boast approximately 100 lb-ft more torque (in range of 395 lb-ft) (source).

The same source also told us that engineers were targeting E46 M3 weight. The E46 M3's curb weight is 3,415 lb, while the current E90 M3 and E92 M3 weigh 3,726 and 3,704 pounds, respectively. This would represent an approximate 300 pound weight reduction; great news for BMW enthusiasts who bemoan the increasing weight of cars in general. The caveat to keep in mind however, is that curb weight is calculated based on the total weight of a vehicle with standard equipment, and with the ever growing list of standard equipment and technology in late model cars, don't be surprised or disappointed if you don't see exactly 300 pounds shaved. What's important is that the E46 M3 weight is being used as a target, which in any scenario, should result in significant weight reduction for the new M3 and M4.

The rest of the VIN information reveals many of the features and options to be available for the F80 M3 and F82 M4. See the full VIN info below.

The F80 M3 sedan will be introduced late 2013 - early 2014 (concept to debut earlier). M3 European Delivery will begin June 2014, at earliest. Look for a possible reveal of the F82 M4 Coupe later this year - early next year.

Follow our M3/M4 coverage at and catch all the latest spy pics and information at

BMW M4 UK version:

Here are the previous photos we posted of the S55 engine:

And some recent M4 coupe renders (based on the F32 4 Series Coupe):