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This shop is a small husband and wife operation that uses BASF paints, made to order. I used them for a few colors and they have always been spot on with the match and a generous bottle as well. Fast shipping and good communication. Love supporting the 'smaller' guys.


Sorry to bump an older thread, but I was a bit late discovering it.

I am the wife in this small shop. I sincerely, sincerely appreciate your support!

We are quite small, (just the two of of us.) My husband has been a painter since the early 1990s. Currently, he primarily restores grey-market and other motorcycles with limited parts availability, but he does have experience with painting cars as well.

The major auto manufacturers all use the same 3 paint suppliers, with the vast majority choosing BASF. Over the course of the years, we have extensively used at least 7 different paint systems ourselves and less-extensively quite a few more. We came to the conclusion that BASF's RM-Diamont line is unbeatable in terms of quality,color match and ease of use. Like the factories, this is primarily the paint line we utilize. There are some colors though, that cannot be produced with RM-Diamont paint, we then look to Supreme Plus - which is also a great product.

Since seeing this post, I have been working to add more of the individual colors in our store. The individual colors take a little extra time to research, because they are often listed in BASF's database under the original manufacturer, (Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Porsche, Lamborghini, etc.) Since I already mix all of our paints to order, I have not added any surcharge for the individual colors.

I added Fashion Gray this morning. (Only available in Supreme Plus.) This is listed as a Porsche color, but to the best of my knowledge, it should be a match for your BMW individual color as well.

Please let me know if you guys have other requests or questions. I'm happy to help!

I'm also open to your feedback. We've invested a lot of effort and have a good grasp of the technical side of paint, but I'm guessing some of the members of this forum may have a lot to offer us on the market side of things. We are trying to fill the need for top-end mixed-to-order paint being made available to individuals. Please let us know how we can help you with this.

Thank you again for the mentions and supporting the store! It really does mean the world to us! You are directly supporting an American family.
Hi Lindsay.

What about Java green?