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Originally Posted by Patronus86 View Post
I used to think that BMW cars were overpriced. Compared to normal, everyday drivers and American muscle cars, that statement probably holds true. But when you start comparing BMW M performance cars to the other exotics and high priced/performance oriented cars, BMW prices really begin to look like a bargain.

Assuming that the new M4 coupe will be in the same ballpark as the previous M3, you'll pay nearly twice as much to get a similarly performing porsche (131k for a baseline 911 gt3 with 475hp and 325ft-lb). The GT3 will likely continue to outperform the m3/m4 in terms of handling, but hp/torque wise, the stats are close enough.

When you upgrade to the M6 coupe, the price difference increases dramatically. You pay 113k for a baseline M6 coupe with 560hp and 500ft-lb. You'll have to pay 27k more for a aston martin vantage which only has 430hp/360ft-lb (that's m4 territory in terms of performance)....57k more for jaguar xk with marginally lower hp and torque...and over 120k more for a ferrari 458 with much less torque.

Granted you need a lot of dough to play with the m6, but you compare it to the other top-of-the line v8's out really get a lot more performance for your money. Really makes you appreciate the value and performance you get for the price you pay with BMW!
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