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Originally Posted by Boss330
Originally Posted by Bowser330
Check out phantom electric superchargers. They are using electric motors to drive centrifugal compressors.

They have dyno proven results in several types of cars.

Unfortunately the systems are rather small however I wonder if two systems one for each turbo could work on the S55.

Compounding turbo technology could be an alternate to turbo upgrades, by pre-pressurizing the air charge the pressure ratios are multiplied and the stock turbos can produce higher than normal boost pressures more efficiently.

Similar to this?
Yes just like that one and that one looks to be much more powerful however not clear on the availability and price point, it's looks expensive.

The phantom system was tested by this guy....
He's been blogging about the crappy ebay electric superchargers and gave the phantom a test and was impressed that it works. He tests the electric supercharger with and without his roots blower to show that compounding the boost works.

I am concerned about the cfm output being enough from the electric superchargers, anyone know the peak cfm of the s55 turbos ?
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