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Originally Posted by Ohh_5H1T View Post
I hear you... but idk i guess we'll all have to wait and see! all im saying is so far, no Good! (with the new M6 and M5 which MOST people are stating they're not happy with what these newer updates have to offer as supposed to the previous in regards to feeling like an M vehicle) So if they go the same route with the new M3 then there will be plenty of disappointments. but we'll see!
Well,the 5 series used to be the benchmark in its class,not anymore.the current M5 is heavier than the car it replaces.

The F30 is still the benchmark by a long shot, the F80/82 unlike the F10 M5 is going to be lighter and wider than the car it replaces.

Just because the F10 and F10 M5 are no longer the class benchmark, you cant assume the same of the F30/82.
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