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Since I posted the comparable-quality pics of the e90, I'll put in my 2 cents worth:
1) Front: E90. Not a fan of the overlapping "gill-like" look of the left and right air dams (sorry if my vernacular isn't correct). [Edit: See immediately previous post above] Also don't like the F80's kidney-grill "snout". [Edit: I also just noticed the tiny M3 badge on the F80's kidney-grill. Looks like a zit on an adolescent's nose. Makes me want to pop it.]

2) Rear: F80. Even though I still don't like the same overlapping "gill-like" look on the bottom left and right, the rest is superior to the E90s.

3) Sides: Tie. Can't find fault with either. Both very nice.

4) Top: F80. You can just see the CF roof of the F80.

5) Interior: E90. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I kind of like the simplicity of the E90 design and layout.

Based on the above, I'd say it's a tie. I don't see the E90 ever becoming "dated" in the same way as, say, the E36 or the E60 (for the M5). It's still very visually-appealing.

[Edit: I forgot to mention: Love the E90's "///M V8" badge in the engine bay. Perhaps that puts the E90 over the top? ]

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