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Originally Posted by Boss330 View Post
You have repeatedly said that state of tune has more to do with sound than the crank layout.
Again, no, the combination of overall engine performance level ("state of tune", perhaps best quantified by specific output) along with details of the exhaust system and redline contribute more to overall sound than crank pin arrangement. Yes, I've said this over and over and believe it to be true.

Originally Posted by Boss330 View Post
With your accusations towards me and misreading of my posts in the other thread, I thought you were man enough not only to dish it out but also to take criticism. It seems no... You have a habit of doing personal attacks whenever someone disagrees with you, and then claiming that you have never said what you HAVE said...
I did not attack you about the "jerk" topic. You posts clearly demonstrated a lack of understanding of a technical and rigorous definition. I said that. It's tough to be wrong and lacking in the required tools of the trade to discuss certain topics, that is not an attack.

The difference here is that you, over and over, blatantly misrepresent my opinions and statements to further your opinion. I've pointed out those cases explicitly and keep telling you what I do believe.

Don't bother posting video after video for me, I don't listen to them. Listening to videos for capturing all of the subtlety of vehicle noise is a a bit silly. Given massive variation in the quality of recording equipment and playback equipment. Sure one can hear an exhaust warble, not doubt but overall it's a bit silly. Now that being said I have posted two videos in which I believe there is great similarity in the sound between a V8 M3 (with aftermarket/modded exhaust system) and a modern V8 Ferrari.

Originally Posted by Boss330 View Post
you clearly have shown a lack of elementary understanding of the two V8 concepts.
Wrong again. As soon as you can point out the error in my statement just below you might have a leg to stand on until then cork it, seriously.

Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
It's real simple - cross planes have consecutive firings in one bank of the V, flat planes does not. Both designs have an equal crank angle between combustion events.
Lastly on language. I did not attack RobinNL on language nor did I attach you. I sincerely took a open "multicultural approach" to the discussion with him seeking to see if we had the exact same understanding of the connotation and denotation of a word. He freaked out and got hypersensitive about his perfect English.

Now here with you, you misspoke, I know you know better and gave you that credit but you still want to bitch about it?

Originally Posted by Boss330 View Post
In a flat plane crank V8 all 4 pistons on the same bank are in sync.
Again this is 100% incorrect. With such a serious error, it is worth pointing it out as I did, courteously below.

Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Absolutely not, I know you know this, but your language is entirely incorrect/sloppy here.
Talk about manning up, my lord. Get with your own program.

Unfortunately, because sound can and often is so subjective, there will be no end to this discussion. Bruce was pretty well on track with his comments on our debate. I am going to leave it there.
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