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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Lastly on language. I did not attack RobinNL on language nor did I attach you. I sincerely took a open "multicultural approach" to the discussion with him seeking to see if we had the exact same understanding of the connotation and denotation of a word. He freaked out and got hypersensitive about his perfect English.
Wow, it must be great to be the one that never does anything wrong. Just all the others that are hypersensitive... In fact it wasn't only RobinNL that reacted on that. And why the thinly veiled attacks on RobinNL with the "Perfect English" comment???

It's comments just like that, that are totally unnecessary. Maybe you don't see it yourselves. But that is just uncalled for. You could have argued about how he misunderstood you and just stopped at that. But instead you claim no wrongdoing (as ususal) and instead say that he was hypersensitive (even though others also commented on the tone of your post) about "his Perfect English"...

You are a very intelligent member of these boards and I have learned a LOT from you. But you should maybe ease off on the insults (veiled or open) and perhaps sometime see that it's not allways the others that are wrong or have written in a less than clear manner.
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