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Originally Posted by Cameronc08 View Post
It's great to hear from someone that took the same step I'm looking at taking. If you get a chance could you give a little bit more of a comparison would love to hear! First world problems indeed, and I keep reminding myself that! I just feel like if I walk on the m4 that I'm currently looking at I'm gonna regret it, but if I do sell the turbo, everytime I pull next to one at a red light I'm gonna have a little bit of regret. But I've also never owned a brand new car, another plus going to the m4.. Decisions decisions!
Well I change cars like I change my socks so I'm probably not a good example :-) Having said that I think the Porsche is a more "special" car and is more focused on pure performance, the M3/4 is more an "all round" excellent sports/GT car. I drove the new 991 C4S Cab ($145k) and I really liked it, I just didn't like it $57K more then my M4 vert ($88k).

This is my 7th M3/4 and I've never regretted buying one, I tend to move between exotics like Ferrari back to M cars and then back to Exotics.. Porsche tends to get caught in the middle of that decision making process and I either buy a Ferrari (My heart rules the decision) or I buy an M car (My head rules). Crazy I know!!!

If this is your only car and a daily driver then the M3/4 is without doubt the best choice IMO: Get a crazy color like my AY and you instantly turn it into an exotic or stay in stealth mode with a more subtle color - your choice!! I hope this helps
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