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Originally Posted by Cameronc08 View Post
So I'm having a bit of a current daily driver is an '07 997 turbo. Black on black, 45k miles, about 20k in upgrades. The car is obviously a beast. My previous car was an e92 m3, which I loved everything minus the lack of torque. Now I've been seriously debating getting back into an m car, namely the m4, but I have a few issues. First, the dealer wants to basically steal the car from me on trade in, so that's out of the question. Also, as much as I love the power (currently on a GIAC 600 tune), living in SoCal I can barely push the car anyways as I'm in constant traffic. I haven't test driven an m4 yet but is it safe to say it's going to feel significantly slower? One of the reasons thinking of the switch is the 911 has a 6 speed and I miss the laziness of the DCT when in traffic. Also, maybe the DCT will help to minimize the acceleration gap as well? The biggest reason of thinking to switch over is going from an 8 year old car with no warranty to a brand new car is very comforting. It's nerve racking knowing that any given pull could cost me upwards of 40k! So even though the decision is ultimately mine, I'm just looking for some feedback. The creature comforts, the warranty, the m badge are all things I envy. But is it worth losing the prestige of driving the pinnacle of what many deem the ultimate motor in the ultimate drivers car? I'll sure miss the porsche if I sell it, my heart tells me to keep it but my brain is telling me otherwise. Help!
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Get the M, can you keep the 997 as your weekend toy
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