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Originally Posted by l!ve View Post
I had the 997.2TT manual and now the F80 manual. It wasn't a direct swap though. I sold the 997TT for an FF way before the M3 got added to the mix. Personally, if it were 997TT manual and the M4 DCT, I would stick with the Porsche.

The M4 simply doesn't give me enough reason for a change. Unless you would like:
(1) DCT
(2) A Change
(3) Warranty
(4) Current Model
(5) Slightly Bigger Car
The only thing I do have to say is I prefer the handling of the M3 in stock form. The 997TT understeered and had the choice of bouncy or rock hard suspension in stock form.

In conclusion, if I were to buy a new M4 or used 997TT, I'd go M4. But since you already have the 997TT which is an awesome car, I would stick with it. The manual on the 997TT is very nice.
Did u like the FF? My wife has been bugging me to get one for a while now because of the 4 seats - They have come down a lot in price and its a lot of car for the money (although I am not in love with the looks)
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