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The South Hills one was produced 4/2/19, so it probably arrived at the dealer around May/June 2019. As far as the CS selling well, this has been discussed for sometime, starting with the ridiculous entry price for an F8x. This isn't new or have anything to do with the current economic downturn. There currently is $8k trunk money on the car, so use this when negotiating. As I mentioned before, South Hills clearly does not want to sell their CS. Move on if you really want one. I highly doubt July 4th will change anything, as dealers seem to be holding on to their available inventory (despite how stale) bc that's all they have to sell. There is very little incoming inventory with the shutdowns.
Is the trunk money also called flagship money? If so, will this be factored into the total discount off msrp or should I aim for 16-18 percent off msrp+ $8,000 in trunk money? Also, I understand they won't be getting in new inventory but I believe there will not be not be any 2021 M4cs production, so it seems the ones that are left are the last ones to get or at least the last model year I'll get because the new 4 series is ass with that front end
The F8x chassis is done.
Despite it being an M, shoot for 12% off pre-incentives, flag/trunk monies. Unfortunately, you won't benefit from loyalty, PenFed/USAA, OL codes. Insist on the buy rate, no aftermarket bs, and reasonable doc fee. If you rather not go through the hassle yourself, or not familiar with BMW leasing, maybe you'll benefit more from going through a broker.

Or just hold off a few more months and take mine that will be up for lease transfer
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