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Ultimate Care Worth it for Lease Buyout

Hi All,

My 2018 M4 lease is coming to an end in the next few months. My car only has 12k miles on it. I'll be purchasing the vehicle and I'm considering getting a maintenance plan while I still can. Dealer is giving me the following offers:

Scheduled Maintenance (+2 years, 75K miles): $2000
Full Maintenance (+1, 50k): $3100
Full Maintenance (+2, 75k): $4550
Full Maintenance (+3, 100k): $6000
Full Maintenance (+4, 125k): $7100

Any thoughts on if I should grab these offers given my low mileage? Does it look like there is room for a discount/negotiation? Also which of these options would be the sweet spot. I'll also be getting mechanical breakdown insurance from my lender, so no need for a warranty extension.