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Originally Posted by KORALLROT View Post
I'm just laughing at the people on here that say "oh yeah, the M's usually go from concept to production with no major changes". Yup. Sure.
Unnecessarily sarcastic and hostile.

In fact, the production car and concept car are very similar. The changes are minor enough that one could make their own M4 look like the concept with a wrap and bolt-ons. Being that people make mods to their cars like this routinely, these are not major. A major change would be something related to the sheet metal or the mechanical systems (which as you know we're not even disclosed) that would be very expensive to duplicate and unlikely to be covered by first or third party aftermarket products (and yes, I would say 4 Series concept headlights and tail lights apply there).

Just look at the E92 M3 concept. Members cars have achieved that look and better. The same will hold true for the F82.