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Coding help. Driver side headlight stopped working.

***UPDATE This turned out to be a disconnected connector inside the corner light module. Need to remove 6 torx screws holding the corner light module to the headlight. Once removed, you can access the small white connector and connect it to the parking light(3 amber LED). After connecting to the parking lights, i had to initialize the LED headlights in ISTA. If anyone has this same issue, just check the connector on the inside of the headlight first. you wont need to initialize the headlights.***

Hi, i got a weird one. I recently noticed the 3 amber LEDs on the driverside headlight wasnt on when turning on parking lights. The passengerside is working correctly. I believe this started after i updated all the ECU istep from F020_17_03_505 to F020_20_07_525 using Esys.

I scanned the car and there is a fault at STML: "805CAB Side marker light: Open circuit"

I searched online and saw some ppl recommend teaching the LED headlights. When i did that, It initialized the passengerside but it wasnt able to complete the driverside headlight and disabled it. During initialization, I saw the angel eyes, turn signal and parking light turn on and working but it shut off after a few seconds. Now driverside turn signal, angel eyes and parking light dont work. I also get left headlight malfunction on the dash. The low beams still work. I scanned for errors again and this time i get something like "Need LED taught in procedure" instead of the open circuit error.

I think ill try injecting CAFD(detect CAF for SWE) for TMS ecu and see if that fixes it. Has anyone been through this before? It seems like a coding problem and i suspect its from the istep update.


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