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Originally Posted by Ezio View Post
I have noticed something while on this forum. while this is not the case for every person. It seems like a lot of people who are happy with the new I6 M3/M4 engine are non e9x M3 owners.

I feel the S65 engine is great in terms of having special characteristics. The S65 shares more characteristics with a engine found under the hood of a car with a "Dancing horse" badge on it, than it does to BMW engines in general.

While i know the new M3/M4 engine will most likely be better on Gas, and more powerful. Its going to be rather dull when coming from a S65. Of course i am making assumptions based off a car that i have never driven. but they are assumptions that only people driving e9x m3s are making.

This is a honest question, for the people who are sold on the new M direction. Have you ever driven a e9x M3 before and really got a feel for the car?
You are correct in my case. I have never driven an e92 m3 but that was my dream car. I salivate over the sound of it with an exhaust system! Problem was, couldnt afford it. So I bought a well equipped 335i and have found to really enjoy most of the characteristics of the engine. I love the torque and power, the smoothness, the sound (Performance Exhaust), the ease of tuning, and the gas mileage is nice (20-25 mpg). The bad characteristics are slight lag and sometimes not smooth delivery at low rpms.

So, before buying a 335i: turbos are the devil, its e92 m3 w/ s65 or nothing!
After buying a 335i: turbos are sweet, i could live with a turbo m3, the s65 is still awesome but I may not swing it due to mpg and age by the time I buy.

I do not think the s55 will be dull by any stretch. It will be a monster that will spank an e92. However, the s65 will always be special and have that uniqueness to it, being a high revving v8 and probably the only v8 to ever grace an m3.