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Originally Posted by Sapper_M3
Originally Posted by Powaup
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PM sent. thanks.

I have just over 500 laps on the ring now. 1/3rd of them being in competition. would be glad to help with coordinating on the trip there for your group regardless of my timeline.

my idea, i have a friend that owns a castle in the area. (i'm not joking, a real castle). its converted into a very nice B&B. I used it for my last 24 Hour race there. i suggest renting that out. would make for an epic place to stage all the events around the ring.

depending on schedule and how early we can plan i can see about arranging a private rental of the track or joining with one of several private clubs to have an M3/4 only session on the track including group photos parked on the infamous karussell.

we can also double book SPA francorchamps so we can go to 2 courses back to back.

if you want i can arrange private tutoring in Netherlands at a historic F1 course. drift school also a possibility.

non track related we swing down and drive stelvio pass. romantic road.

i thin a mix of those activities would work well. many options out there. i have a ton more.
Everything you just said sounds beyond epic.

I'm a maybe for now but I'm going to try and do my best to be there with the first batch since I think it will be a more than amazing experience. I will be more definitive come January/February Once orders are being processed and the dates a clearer.
Not that it needs to be said, but I can vouch for karussel being a class-act great guy in the motorsports community.

He ran a performance driving school event in Bayreuth when I was still in Germany, and it was a great experience for someone just getting into the performance driving scene. He also went out of his way to get me and a buddy access to the pits at a race at the Nurburgring.
Thanks for the endorsement for Karusell! We have had a chance to talk personally and certainly a great guy Indeed and a wealth of knowledge. I am so thankful to have him on the planning team and our Ring Leader to do our best to make this work as best as possible. We are anxiously awaiting word from our Dealer when ED opens up for ordering and get this thing moving!
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